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Enterprise mobility is no longer a luxury for the road warrior or the select few - it is increasingly a requirement for productivity at every stage of an organization. All employees benefit from being able to connect and do business from anywhere, and organizations are able to change more rapidly to better meet business demands.IT Care offers wireless solutions for the following applications

Enterprise-wide mobility for increased productivity

Building-to-building campus connectivity

Network redundancy links

Voice over WLANs

Enabling video over wireless

Campus connectivity solutions


Extends or replaces your wired LAN for instant network access anywhere

Significantly reduces the cost and complexity of moves, adds and changes

Converged voice, video and data with all the benefits of mobility

Distributed solution enables ultimate scalability, while maintaining centralized management

Get accurate, real-time information about material availability using RFID

Materials account for the majority of an overall project budget – yet are still routinely managed using a manual, error-prone pen and paper process. This old-fashioned approach results in wasted time searching for materials, reduced tool time for craft labor, decreased predictability, increased risk and a lack of overall visibility into construction progress. In a world where instant access to information is expected – it’s time to make clip boards a thing of the past.


RFID, barcodes, GPS and more. We identify the best combination of hardware and software technology to address your business needs.