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Voice mail and IVR solutions

voice over studio

We are trained and experienced in bringing your scripts to life – and making them sound just like they sound in your head (or even better!) Whether it’s a corporate/explainer video, online radio spot, your telephone hold message, or even your in-store radio – a great voice over can help elevate your business above your competition.



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Voicemail system

A voicemail system is basically the modern version of an answering machine. It makes it possible to playback an announcement to the caller in case of unavailability. Furthermore, the caller has the option to leave a message or request a call back. The PBX will convert recorded messages to audio files and store them into a preset folder and/or send it to an email address. As part of the voicemail system, each user has their individual voicemail inbox with individual greetings and announcements.Voicemail is a great tool for smoother customer service

IVR or voice menu

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) or voice menus allow callers to interact with a phone system via the numpad of their phones. This way IVRs help companies to decrease expenses, as their staff does no longer need to answer the same questions over and over and improve efficiency. As part of an IVR, routine information announces make customer services more efficient. But voice menus are even more powerful: callers can be verified by PIN codes and get connected the relevant department. Reservations and bookings can be managed by IVRs too. Another advantage is that IVRs can handle calls 24/7 without getting tired

Individual phone support improves customer relations

The announces of the IVR can be recorded as prompts or through TTS (Text to Speech). The usage of TTS is useful if the contents of messages have to be flexible or convertible. The callers don’t need to read complex texts or guidance’s and they only have to follow the instructions of the voice menu through the intuitive and natural way of listening to speech.

The easy way to navigate through voice menus

In voice menus, callers simply navigate through the menu with the keypad of their phone. Usually DTMF (Dual-tone multi-frequency), which is usually applied to send information of the telephone keyboard to the IP phone system, is used. Voice menus allow orders, bookings, reservations and voting’s on you IP PBX. Another advantage of IVRs is that they are less subjected to faults. The noises in the back round don’t cause errors and issues with voices or dialects are no disturbing factor when using the keyboard of the telephone. IVRs are an efficient completion to an IP PBX.





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