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The bring your own (BYO) movement, the proliferation of smartphones in the workplace, and enterprise tablet initiatives have made mobility a top priority among CIOs. Today, the average employee uses three devices a day to get work done, and on average, owns at least one of them. At the same time, there has been an explosion in the number and type of applications created for and used on these devices.In a recent survey,it is found that most enterprises today support more than 200 applications in their increasingly diverse portfolios. In the near future, half of these are expected to be web, SaaS and mobile applications. In addition, most employees use personal cloud-sharing services to store files outside the corporate firewall. Collectively, these trends have prompted IT departments to seek a way to support employees who choose where, when and how theywant to work, all the while securing corporate data and protecting the network from mobile threats.

What businesses need is a solution that supports these new devices, applications and data with appropriate security and policy controls. Specifically, IT wants to manage and configure corporate and BYO devices throughout their lifecycle with enterprise-grade mobile device management; provide users key secure productivity apps like email, browser, and data sharing; secure and control custom or third-party apps in a consistent, centralized way; make any app available on any device with a unified app store; make access simple for users and give IT access control with identity management, single sign-on and scenario-based access controls. Most solutions either focus on device management with little regard to apps and data, or address the latter two without providing foundational MDM. Moreover, most solutions optimize for IT needs without factoring in the user experience. IT Care offers effective solution allows employees to choose their devices, get access to the apps and data they need to get their jobs done, and all the while give IT the ability to secure corporate data and protect the network.