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Call recording with IP PBX

Call recording is a valuable tool for many companies and institutions, particularly when trying to improve the performance of their customer-facing staff.
It can be used for training, quality assurance, customer satisfaction monitoring and to satisfy legal requirements. This way not just call centers benefit from call recording, but also financial and legal services as well as educational and government institutions.

Record Customer Calls

Capture your customer interactions, including voice and data interactions in SIP, IP, TDM, and mixed telephony environments, automatically or selectively. This lets you adhere to compliance and regulatory requirements, decrease the number of customer disputes, substantially improve your business efficiency, and identify areas for service improvement.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Score Agent Performance

Enable your supervisors to monitor complete interactions and evaluate agents on their performance in voice interactions, data entry, screen navigation, and data retrieval. In so doing, isolate performance shortfalls, obtain insight into customer expectations, and take steps to address these quickly and effectively.


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Call Reporting

Manage, analyse and control - our communications analytical solutions efficiently manage your business communications, empowering you to increase productivity and make informed decisions about your business. This system integrates fully with any PBX enabling you to:

  • Improve Customer Service
  • Improve Call Handling
  • Detect Fraud Early
  • Reduce Communication Costs
  • Maximise Return on Investment
  • Increase Revenues

A comprehensive, feature-rich call reporting solution which has an easy to use dashboard with customisable widgets along with wallboard alarms, multi-site reporting and seamless integration. Delivering a wide range of measures:

  • Identify unanswered calls
  • Verify call costs
  • Identify billing anomalies
  • Combat telecommunications fraud
  • Control communications capacity and traffic flows
  • Design agent shift patterns around call volume to achieve SLAs
  • Generate revenue through call cost mark-up and line rental charges
  • Deliver organisational, extension and client billing
  • Optimise staffing levels and efficiency